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Creating a beautiful smile requires both a commitment from us and the cooperation of our fabulous patients. With that in mind, we created the Starr and Glick Orthodontics Patients Rewards Program. The goal of this program is to offer incentives to our patients to encourage them throughout the orthodontic process. Rewards points can be earned for excellent oral hygiene and brushing, wearing elastics and other appliances as instructed, not breaking appliances, coming to appointments on time, not missing appointments, etc. Over the years, this program has been a favorite of our patients and they have enjoyed some awesome rewards for all of their hard work. Past rewards have included gift cards to some of these favorite destinations: iTunes Store, Dunkin Donuts, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Claire’s, Bath and Body Works, and Papa Gino’s.

Now, our program has gone high-tech and the benefits are better than ever! Instead of wooden tokens, patients are awarded points on either a Glick Gold Card or a Future Starrs Card. Glick Gold Cards are issued to patients who are actively undergoing their orthodontic treatment. Future Starrs Cards are given to patients who visit us periodically but haven’t quite yet started their treatment; as Future Starrs, we don’t believe that they should miss out on any of the fun! These cool cards can be used to accumulate points at every regular office visit! There are always additional opportunities to earn points through our office contests and other various special events. Be sure to check with our office at each visit or log on to our Facebook page for ways to earn more points. With a few clicks of your mouse, points can be cashed in for gift cards to hundreds of your favorite stores and restaurants.

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